Sunday, 30 August 2009


In England's green and pleasant land by 2 live & draw in coventry

one of the flats down the road from my old old house in camberwell has window boxes painted in green and white hoops and says celtic park above the door on a floral plaque.

omg rabbits by sarah-wynne

who knew that black and white rabbits run wild in canada?? this rabbit reminds me of my first boyhood rabbit, jumper. later we had a dwarf lop-eared rabbit named bun that vanished from our back garden at around the same time stories were circulating locally of an animal fighting ring hungry for new blood. obv my mum and dad didn't tell me this til i was 20.

Liverpool Home Kit circa '89 by daniel has potential

so so so so so good i really should draw something soon

bungalow bliss by Totalitaria

the bit about changing the face of rural ireland is very ominous. this bungalow looks EXACTLY like a hornby model i built circa 1994. i only had a train set so i could have the accompanying houses. my favourites were the red brick victorian semis with sash-effect windows.

by s manara

wot u like peckham

ps - is this the real jay rayner?

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