Monday, 31 August 2009

(not) changing (that much) rooms

last year i moved into a grubby magnolia box room that was unfurnished apart from a divan, two drawing pins and a few stray pubes. my lack of initiative meant that i lived in squalor for the earlier part of my stay above foneworld, which culminated in the sub-how clean is your house scenes (what's more embarrassing, my discarded scants or that libertines single?) pictured above. anyway, then i decided to paint the walls white, set up an old decorating table my housemate had left over from an exhibition, put my clothes in a cupboard on the landing instead of the floor, realised that i could improve the layout by putting the bed next to the window and that the increase in noise from one of South London’s noisiest junctions, full of winos, drugs and weapons (lol lol lol) was marginal. sadly i didn't take any nicely staged photos of the stunning end result (i even had a petunia in there at one point) without a DELL on show for starters but still, l@@k, it's not as gross!

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