Thursday, 22 April 2010


while i wish THIS OPENING GAMBIT from my caps-happy alterego wasn't an absolute truth, the evidence above is pretty unequivocal. i think my housemates definitely want to stab me. the worst thing about all this is that those scraps of paper on the floor seem to have arranged themselves in a far gorger composition than anything i've attempted consciously of late. it's fine, this has to be the trough of my final year right? from now on it's 5 weeks of adrenaline-fuelled glory!!!!!! but tonight i'm gonna ~let my hair down~ at our rad fundraiser which you should totally come to babes.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


some pencil drawings from my sketchbook (they're pretty much actual size). a couple of the faces might look familiar 2 u!!!!!! back to school tomorrow for the last term ever or something. cool!!

Monday, 12 April 2010


these are 3 consecutive attempts at a collage i've done for a show at WAH NAILS which is going up tonight, the final one being the final one, obv. quite a fraught process because one false move of my power pritt stick can ruin everything, but i keep telling myself it wouldn't be the same in photoshop. the show is called DIVINATION because it's about DIVINATION. why not have a wee look?

Thursday, 1 April 2010


SAVE OUR SOULS, the site showcasing our class's work in the run-up to our external degree show (oh my god), has gone live and is looking super, largely thanks to the indomitable JORDAN and BRYONY. we're updating the blog a lot so add it to your reader for regular hot camberwell illustration gossip and attractive drawings. aw yeah!!!! there's also a trendy shop so why not TREAT YOURSELF and help us make some $$$$$$$$.

in other news, popular se5 comedienne jenny eclair is definitely stalking me. i was behind her in the queue at the parcel office in camberwell the other week (the name on her slip was JENNY ECLAIR), then the other day i bumped into her coming out of the bauhaus museum in berlin. seriously now, what are the chances of this?