Tuesday, 27 May 2008


non-paper things from over the past year. this was a self-portrait (aged 3) drawn with party food, about the death of childhood or something.

matt and i created this poster by cutting out words from cardboard boxes we found at the back of the 99p store and suspending them from the ceiling and sticking them to the walls of my living room. it's based on a conversation between sam fox and freddie starr on celebrity wife swap.

Friday, 23 May 2008


memba make out club? coz the other day i did and was delighted to see my polaroid from 2003 featuring my great-grandfather's undoubtedly libertines-inspired highland light infantry jacket was still up there, albeit now surrounded by graphics resembling a fusion of b&q wallpaper borders circa '99 with a fat face catalogue. omg though, being pre-myspace and even pre-friendster, that site was probably my first brush with the concept of being cool on the internet. i had postal service and the shins (pre-garden state, gimme some credit) lyrics on it and a deep sentence including a healthy sprinkling of ampersands about sun coming through the window making me want to just ~BURST~ out onto the street (to kill myself on what was really a rather busy commuter route, hopefully). it was a more innocent age, i swear.

a book about unusual things that happened in my house growing up