Friday, 23 May 2008


memba make out club? coz the other day i did and was delighted to see my polaroid from 2003 featuring my great-grandfather's undoubtedly libertines-inspired highland light infantry jacket was still up there, albeit now surrounded by graphics resembling a fusion of b&q wallpaper borders circa '99 with a fat face catalogue. omg though, being pre-myspace and even pre-friendster, that site was probably my first brush with the concept of being cool on the internet. i had postal service and the shins (pre-garden state, gimme some credit) lyrics on it and a deep sentence including a healthy sprinkling of ampersands about sun coming through the window making me want to just ~BURST~ out onto the street (to kill myself on what was really a rather busy commuter route, hopefully). it was a more innocent age, i swear.


  1. this is clearly amazing and i clearly remember you from the pre-everyone internet. omg.