Friday, 8 January 2010


happy new year you guys! christmas already feels like 28372398 years ago, even though as ever i insisted on keeping the decorations up til the bitter end. to kick off 2 thousand and 10 (try as i might i can't think of anything dead funny and life-affirming that rhymes with this other than men) on a suitably illustrative note, here are a couple of my favourite cards i received from talented pals (lol as if this petite selection isn't at least half the sum total of cards i received).

and i'm even including my one

my favourite crystal-growing magic tree and a card from KIRSTIN

housem8 the gr8 ELLA's effort. she is also seen here posing with some of the appalling/super decorations we made for the camberwell christmas fair (i crafted that pendant for her!!):

ok 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!