Wednesday, 17 September 2008

this is england

i'll be returning to camberwell imminently so here are some paintings and drawings from a photocopied zine i made about walworth road, the road that dominated my life last year and which has the best shop names in the world ever.

UNRELATED: i saw eden lake last night. from what i'd read about it i was expecting daily mail chav-demonising propaganda, but it was a lot more subtle than that - kind of texas chainsaw massacre vs a clockwork orange with a slight shane meadows realist vibe. the stuff about it being ~reactionary and sensationalist~ is reactionary itself i think (SO WRONG!). it's a "genre" lost in the woods slasher movie that's unusually carefully plotted and plausible and therefore the most horrifying horror film i've seen for a while (although tbh i may be damning it with faint prase as this has been my summer of zone horror channel).


  1. hahaha. art & magic is my fave on walworth road too.

  2. I like the paintings of walworth road, they are really good.

    So is your blog, for that matter.