Thursday, 4 September 2008

gay gay gay gay gay

a week or two back i, with my pals paul and adam, helped out at tilda swinton and mark cousins' film festival in nairn, scotland. we stayed with my 90 year old grandmother in her bungalow, where she made a number of much appreciated and valiant but ultimately doomed attempts to feed us tongue sandwiches, and a similar number of hopeful enquiries re girlfriends. oh man.

i found the whole experience of having fun in nairn amusing but confusing and disconcerting in the way that getting too drunk with my parents is. my favourite moment was when david cross and amber tamblyn sneaked some local kids into the cinema when we were larging it after hours, who then proceeded to say NEWTON FAULKNER at a ~film buff~ with dreads. LOL. my second favourite thing was seeing the bill douglas trilogy, which i think was exactly the kind of scottish lol that in the past i'd have instantly chosen to hate. srsly though, it was stirring and true and would bring a tear to a neon triangle eye.


  1. love that granny room! i also love how all granny rooms are the same. i don't want kids, which is kind of a shame because i'd love to be a granny.

    start writing again!

  2. stay on lj, i find blog style is more forced

  3. i'm sure i'll settle into it. who are you?