Thursday, 8 September 2011


(i) In my 'studio'

(ii) In the garden this morning. I'm into gardening a lot and I keep thinking about the virtual garden design program I had as a teen and its singular inappropriateness for rendering plant life. I'd like to make a garden that looks exactly like the one below - which actually looks a lot more organic because of the image degradation - at Chelsea.

(iii) ~My summer wardrobe~ which I'm just not ready to pack away yet. I think the fact that I spent good money on shorts in Scotland when I was in gainful employment proves once and for all that I'm an optimist. I wore shorts all year round for my first six years of school so maybe I'll try and recapture that youthful level of spunk. I swam in the North Sea last weekend while people in fleeces walked their dogs on the beach (IKR, such a WILD SWIMMING URBAN EXPLORER except I know a local old lady did it every day of the year till she was 90 or something). Swimming in the sea is my favourite thing to do. ♓♓♓♓♓PROUD PISCEAN♓♓♓♓♓.

(iv) My parents have been planning to replace their late 80s Hygena @ MFI kitchen for ±15 years now and gradually doors have fallen off, superfluous cornices and gold-effect rods have been ditched and under the white woodgrain real wood has unexpectedly revealed itself. The other day this wall unit fell off the wall crockery and all, so my dad made this makeshift support which I think is quite beautiful. I love its journey from 1980s aspirational haute lower middle classness to this stripped down brutalist shell. (My mother'd be mortified that this picture is on the internet).

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  1. just found your lovely blog :) i love all your pics!