Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I've been starting to draw and work through some ideas for a new project, which I think will tie up some of the threads I left dangling at the end of college when I ran out of time. I feel like things I've posted lately have been A) v monochromatic (monochrome? Oh god, am I that person on To Buy Or Not To Buy who says they like their decor minimalistic?) and B) man-heavy, but I guess I gotta get these things out my system. Once again drawing fitness shocks me by being exactly like real fitness in terms of using it or losing it, and I'm still constantly amazed by how different (for better or worse) drawings appear when they're reproduced.

Looking at the photo of my hand-rendered type up there it occurs to me that (THO NOTHING COULDA BEEN FURTHER FROM MY MIND AT THE TIME) it looks a bit like a ripoff of work by one of my fave artists, ARRAN RIDLEY, which in turn leads me to wonder if he's deleted his entire internet presence in the name of art or has merely blocked me on Facebook and Flickr. Anyway, THIS is still up and I can guarantee it'll be the best computer game you've played this millennium.

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