Sunday, 9 January 2011

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After a recent excursion to the now crumbling and spooky Gillespie Kidd & Coia ST PETER'S SEMINARY, I was inspired to check out some churches. I'm an atheist natch but one of the things I miss about high school is our visit to church at the end of each term, even though I hated on having to endure Xtian services and assemblies in a nominally non-denominational school. Churches are kind of unusual in being smallish community buildings that aren't primarily about mundane functionalism - they're interesting because the architects are trying to express an abstract concept. Our local church was a typical Glasgow red sandstone Edwardian with a pleasingly austere white interior, but my faves are 'modern' (THAT CHURCH is the main reason I like The Graduate). Here's some UK church ~porn~; I love how incongruous a lot of these look in their surroundings, and the way pedestrian additions like the 'Jesus is Alive' banner and street signs jar with the purity of the architecture.


neon dog


Simon K



Ned Trifle

Steve Cadman

Lou Murphy

Aidan McRae Thomson


(A vaguely related piece of Google Street View tourism - "the bauhaus modernism vs. postmodernism battle is clearly fierce among taiwanese gravestone designers" by owl foreigner)

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