Saturday, 20 February 2010


i managed to make it to the museum of everything before it shut, and i'm glad i did as it was full of nice pictures (and so primrose hill english eccentric right now; i was relaxing in a bit with a contemplative chapel vibe when a banging techno ringtone shattered its peace, the phone's owner a boho octogenarian+ who brayed SHAHHHLEY DAHLING I CAN'T TAWWWK RIGHT NOW I'M IN THE MUSEUM DAHHHLING SHAAHLEY. admittedly this isn't as good an anecdote as the time the minister at my great-uncle's funeral's GIRLS ALOUD ringtone went off in the middle of the service).

i'm still not sure what exactly an outsider artist is though. the saatchi page describes the museum as being for "artists living outside the boundaries of mainstream society" before saying that some were janitors and miners (alongside jailbirds, as if all are roughly equal), which don't sound like occupations outwith the boundaries of mainstream society to me, unless mainstream society is just an urbane elite? i suppose it's related to a perceived lack of self-consciousness, and it's probably that which makes sam doyle's work appeal to me (the most self-conscious boy in the world) so strongly. and i like the colours btw.

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