Monday, 12 October 2009


soz if you're really not interested in estates facing imminent demolition, but the other day i visited another fascinating one - the excalibur estate of post-war prefabs in catford, SE london. the colours look a bit mental and lynchian but these photos are unedited; perhaps the ominous dark clouds represent the threat hanging over the idyll? i'll be putting up photos of individual houses on FACADE HUNTER.


  1. as far as i know, there's a huge campaign to save the estate and i hope it's successful. the light and sky you've captured here is so wonderful too, you really emphasise the strangeness of the place. lovely photos as ever colin!

  2. yeah that site i linked to is for the campaign i think. i spoke to a guy who lived there about it and it would be really sad if they lose it. apparently the council have offered them £30,000 each for the bought houses which seems insane

  3. ...you follow by going to your blogger dashboard then scroll to reading list & click add. paste in the url you want to follow and bobs yer uncle. geek geek geek.

    your photos look real nice btw. those clouds are much more threatening on a proper size screen.