Wednesday, 23 September 2009


for the first time in a decade, i think i might be getting BRACES. lol. thanks to youthful exuberance, my teeth have suffered a few mishaps and these have furthered my front tooth's innate desire to escape from the rest to the extent that the overall effect is (not) pretty busted.

so i got to thinking about how i could try and pull the metal mouth look off and i seriously somehow imagined that a style blog of some description MUST have covered this area; snaps of edgy brace-faced kids in biker jackets and aa, ygm (ok whatever i've been out of london for 3 months, like i know what's hot right now. oh wait, THIS APPARENTLY LOL). but no, there's a gap in the market and instead i got tom and gwen in her nancy from hollyoaks days.

i also find the braces forum which i assumed would be some kind of braces-wearers' support group but is actually mainly populated by lads swapping brace fetishes and sexy links like the above.


facade hunter is back in action!!!!

btw, my old pal steph of N.E.E.T fame (early issues featured my dreadful first attempts at illustration but she's upped its game considerably since then) has started a super blog.

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  1. do it...they would be a rly valid accessory irl i think