Saturday, 20 December 2008

festive friends forever

i've been having festive fun of late, kicking off a couple of fridays ago with a twee but amazing folk night my housemate rose put on with pat and trevor at the sassoon gallery in peckham. i did a flyer for it (unedited version above) and they used my werewolf project for visuals. my ~personal highlight~ was soy un caballo who were, misleadingly, very belgian and very nice.

also, our mantelpiece has been gradually improving under my tlc. now school's out and i'm back in glasgow (y) and have a comedy cold (hml).


  1. awh, well done! like i drunkenly said to you at off modern, i think it is gr8. do you borrow the digital SLRs from school?

  2. yep i got the one for my project from camberwell and those other photos were with one matt got from st martins x